Software Engineering & Development

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Our working environment is a programmer’s paradise. Small, autonomous teams? Complex tech challenges? Agile, iterative processes? A fun environment with snacks and drinks on standby? Tick, tick, we have all of these. Plus you get to build games played by millions all over the globe.


Are you a passionate techie with a natural knack for C++, Java, Flash, Lua or QA (for example)? Our roles were made for you.

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A game that looks good on paper is nice. A game that plays brilliantly across digital platforms is better. Help us do just that.


Seeing people play our games whilst waiting for the bus is not strange, but I've actually forgotten to get on the bus twice whilst playing them myself.

Stockholm, Game Development Manager

Some key roles

  • Game Developer
    Builds high-quality games using ActionScript3/Flash/Lua /C++/magic powers
  • Backend Java Developer
    Makes sure games are reliable, scalable, secure and all-round awesome
  • Test Automation Engineer
    Responsible for testing strategies, frameworks, methodologies and making the tea (only joking)

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