Performance, Data & Strategy

Big data, big numbers

When we talk about big data, we’re talking about more than a billion gameplays and 10 billion events every day. Big numbers they may be, but they also provide an opportunity. To understand what makes our games fun and challenging for our players. To predict what’s next. To evolve our games. To improve our math skills.


You know what they say: big data equals big... business! As a talented Data Scientist or Business Intelligence Developer, you know the truth.

Latest jobs

Beautiful-looking games built by beautiful-looking data – all the equation needs is your beautiful mind.


In 2014, the song to best describe working at King would be Happy by Pharrell.

Barcelona, Business Analyst

Some key roles

  • Data Scientist
    Uses maths to model, predict, segment and monetize our customers and to sound very clever
  • Data Warehouse Engineer
    Finds ingenious ways to improve and expand our data processing pipeline
  • Business Intelligence Developer
    Takes huge amounts of data, tickles them and turns them into inspiring reports

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