Tickle millions

Our marketing professionals find new ways to promote our games, not just to potential players but also to the millions of people already playing. We like doing everything from digital campaigns to TV ads, from interactive marketing to the occasional life-sized candy.


Strategic planning and creative talent – that’s our Marketing team. Bring your Marcomms and Promotions know-how to the mix.

Latest jobs

Always ahead of the trend, you wore faux leather before it was in fashion and will apply for one of our roles before everyone else.


Outside of my day-to-day job, I’m also part of the King house band. Highlight so far has been standing on stage at Berns in Stockholm – in front of the whole company.

Stockholm, Head of Community

Some key roles

  • Marcomms Manager
    Promotes our games using everything from viral marketing to TV ads to ninja tactics
  • Mobile Marketing Manager
    Creates, plans and analyses mobile marketing campaigns – in their sleep
  • Promotions Manager
    Communicates with 100+ million players through Facebook, email and telepathy

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