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Our success is built entirely on our people. Our HR experts keep our values inherent in everything we do, find the amazing individuals who will take us to the next level and nurture our diverse culture so everyone can thrive. Our HR experts rock.


Great people, in a great workplace, with a great culture. Sounds tricky, but whether you’re a Recruiter or a HR Business Partner you’ll probably make the role look effortless.

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H&S, L&C R&R, D&G, C&M – please, help us understand all the acronyms.


This makes me sound like a big softie, so don’t tell anyone, but at the last Infomarket they showed a film of what King had achieved. I nearly cried. In a good way.

London, Senior Recruiter

Some key roles

  • HR Business Partner
    Works closely with managers and employees to make King a place where people can truly shine
  • Recruiter
    Finds the best people for our business and convinces them to join – using lollipops (mostly)
  • On-Boarding Coordinator
    Aims to wow new starters from day one

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